A Jennifer Wilde update, New team member and a Kickstarter Recommendation

Hello! It’s our first post-Kickstarter update!

Going forward we’ll be talking about our development progress, news, creator info and previews!  

Development Update

Since the Kickstarter, we took a whole weekend off, and since then we’ve been back and busy with our design document, mapping out puzzles and story beats for the rest of the game.

We received our Kickstarter funds last week (thanks backers!), and with that secured, we can continue into full production!  

First Kickstarter Rewards!

By now, backers should have received their first reward, a lovely 4k wallpaper! In fact, we couldn’t decide which 4k wallpaper was best, so we’ve sent along both of our favourites.

Backers should check your email for a separate, backer-only, update with links to download.


Team Update

We wanted to introduce you to Chloe Gowdy, who developed the UI for our demo, and created some of the artwork that you see in our Kickstarter trailer. Her contributions include our 3D animated suitcase and Jennifer’s book! Chloe Gowdy is a 3D modeller and artist, currently working as a QA tester for Rockstar Games. She graduated from the Northern Ireland Games Academy in 2016 and was selected for a year’s placement, working with Billy Goat Entertainment, Design Zoo and Outsider Games. During her placement, she worked on projects such as the Tiga Award nominated game, Wailing Heights and Jennifer Wilde.


Kickstarter Recommendation

Another Kickstarter project worthy of your support is K’NOSSOS, a sci-fi Point & Click adventure game. I think our own backers will be intrigued by the stylised artwork a dark sci-fi adventure. The Kickstarter is in its final 48 hours, so check out the project page for a playable demo and more info!


Until next time!

We’re trying to keep your updates on a monthly schedule, so until next time, feel free to get in touch to say hello, and provide us with valuable feedback!  


Stephen & the team at Outsider Games!

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